Welcome to SPACE ID DAO
SPACE ID DAO is governed by $ID token holders and controls the funds held in the DAO Treasury. It provides a framework for our community to work together towards common goals, all within a transparent, secure, and decentralized environment.
All proposals submitted to the DAO will undergo a two-step process.
A draft proposal must be submitted on the SPACE ID governance forum.
After the community has reviewed and discussed the proposal, if the proposal is ready, collaborate with our community manager to schedule a snapshot vote.
For a DAO proposal to pass, it needs to receive a minimum of 50% passing votes from wallet addresses holding a total of at least 5,000,000 ID tokens.
Once a proposal is passed, it will be executed by the core team, with funding distribution (if required) authorized by the multi-sig signers elected by the DAO.
You can find more details in the Governance Process and Proposal Template threads in the forum.
Join the forum
The SPACE ID Forum is a dynamic platform where members of our community can share their insights, collaborate on ideas, and engage in decentralized governance to steer SPACE ID towards the next level.
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Delegate voting power
$ID token holders can view a list of delegates and select their preferred delegates to entrust their voting power.
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Vote on proposal
Once a draft proposal on the SPACE ID Forum has been thoroughly discussed and reviewed, it will advance to the next step: a snapshot vote. At this stage, eligible $ID token holders will have the opportunity to participate and decide whether or not to approve the proposal.
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